Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Help Desk & Dispatch

During the lifecycle of the site’s project, problems or requests may arise. Kablelink employs its own internal call helpdesk to ensure that these problems or request are identified, tracked and resolved in a timely fashion.

When a work order is opened for a site, the agent creating the work order will enter relevant information about it, which includes: date and time, job number, assigned technician, customer name, site location and status. To view sample display screen click here

Dispacth Interface

Once the work order is created, technicians may be assigned to the work order. The work order may also be escalated to a manager or other principal. Regular updates to the work order are noted and document the status at any given time.

Once the work order is completed, it is closed. At that time, a summary or detailed description of the resolution is given. Once the site is completed it is closed out.

The dispatch functionality was developed to support the types of custom work that Kablelink performs. Since these custom services are Kablelink’s forte’ there is no other commercial help desk application like it. This system represents a truly unique business function.

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