Monday, September 20, 2021
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K-Steps Methodology

K-Steps is a holistic set of best practices, processes, people, methodology, technology and tools. These enterprise capabilities make Kablelink unparalleled in terms of reach, depth, and diversity. We are a world-class organization equipped to handle the most complex and critical information technology solutions posed. We are confident that you will find that K-Steps lives up to its promise of keeping you on the cutting edge of your solutions, and we at Kablelink look forward to working with you on that goal!


The first stage begins with a site survey in which the scope and requirements are determined.  The information gathered during the site survey is used to develop a statement of work, schedule and project plan.  A proposal is presented to the customer for acceptance.   Once accepted, the preparation for the sites begin;  materials are ordered, the team is assembled and arrangements are made for site work, both at the site and by the technicians involved. The rollout actually begins with staging and configuration.  Materials, such as computers and cables, are prepared and delivered. The rollout activities comprise those things that ensure successful assembly, installation, and configuration of rollout equipment and software. At this stage, changes are controlled, budgets are monitored, and status is reported. Any “hot” issues can be escalated in the chain of command. At rollout completion, there is a customer approval and signoff.



Kablelink is committed to being the industry leader, providing a level of quality, consistency and committment second to none.

Our success is attributed to our staff's breadth of technical knowledge, experience and dedication.

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