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How to Become an Independent Contractor

Thank you for giving us your time today, and for your initial interest in becoming an Independent Contractor for KableLink.

Before continuing, please read the remainder of this document. If you can not meet these standards, or choose not to, we cannot move forward. In that case, you may exit this page at any time by closing the web page window.

If the opportunity we provide at KableLink Communications is one you wish to pursue, our Recruiter will discuss the following points with you.

  1. The type of vehicle you own: Trucks, Vans, or SUVs are acceptable
  2. Your work experience in this type, or similar, work
  3. Your specific Cable experience: When, Where, How much?
  4. Your ability to work weekends: Availability on Saturdays and Sundays is required.
  5. Your ability to lift 75lbs or more, and to carry a 28 ft ladder

The Next Step

Should you choose to submit for contract work, your profile data will be screened by our Recruiting Department. We are only able to contact those who closely meet our criteria. Please submit your data only once!