Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Whether you’re designing a structured cable system, working with an existing infrastructure, pulling old cable or installing new cable; Kablelink has the expertise to meet your assorted needs.

Our experience includes installation of analog, digital, HSD, telephony and underground and aerial drop. We have worked with a variety of...

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Often Customers don’t realize that adding new equipment may require an overhaul of their electrical system. Some of this may be caused by deteriorated and outdated electrical equipment or finding they had capacity limitations on their existing system. Kablelink is a Florida and California certified electrical contractor.

Our experience...

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In today’s environment, complexity is part of any deployment solution. What starts out as an easy hardware upgrade can turn in to a logistical nightmare. Most projects involve multiple vendors, multiple locations, multiple technologies and multiple services. Kablelink customizes its approach, based on its customers’ needs....

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Project Management

Experienced Project Management that adheres to a proven methodology is crucial in ensuring that a project is completed on time, within budget and with limited surprises. There are many variables that vary from site to site, including: different software versions, firewalls, networks, cabling and electrical plans, hardware configurations and...

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Asset Management and Warehousing

Kablelink is equipped to warehouse, configure, deploy and track your equipment.   We utilize our BPP system to track all inventory. This tracking includes product location, serial numbers,  bar codes and part numbers. The tracking process begins when we receive equipment and ends once its installed at our customer's...

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Help Desk & Dispatch

During the lifecycle of the site’s project, problems or requests may arise. Kablelink employs its own internal call helpdesk to ensure that these problems or request are identified, tracked and resolved in a timely fashion.

When a work order is opened for a site, the agent creating the work order will enter relevant information about...

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Kablelink is committed to being the industry leader, providing a level of quality, consistency and committment second to none.

Our success is attributed to our staff's breadth of technical knowledge, experience and dedication.

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